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Order By June 10

Orioles Baseball



last 4 of phone = 9269

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Sunday, July 10 
Promotional event: Kids run the bases

Seats will be purchased in one section. The circled sections in approximately Row 10 are most likely. Specific seats will depend on availability and size of group.

Cost -- $50 per ticket
Order (aka pay) before June 10

Please add a note with your name and how many tickets you are ordering. 


Can I bring a friend or family member?
YES. If you want them to pay separately, make sure they add a note of who they are attending with.

I didn't register for the conference, can I still come?

I missed the June 10 deadline and want to go. What now?
Contact us. We can likely get you seats in the same section, if not the same block.

I registered for the conference, but I don't want to go to the ball game. Is this required?

My fomo is acting up and I want to come to the whole weekend!
Here is the link!

I don't want to pay $50/seat.
This is where our block seating will be. The Orioles website offers single game seats throughout the stadium you may purchase on your own.

I paid for tickets and now I can't go. Can I get a refund?
Before June 10, yes. After June 10, probably. Contact us and we will see what we can do.

I don't have these apps. Email or call me and we can work it out (contact info below).

Text/Call 251-533-9269

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